Architecture Scholarships

Aspiring architects can find architecture scholarships from several sources in 2013, including the American Architectural Foundation.

The American Architectural Foundation (AAF) offers the AIA/AAF minority/disadvantaged scholarship, which helps high school graduates, college freshmen, and community college students.   Recipients should come from ethnic minorities or a financially disadvantaged background and intend to study for a degree in architecture.

The AAF has a partnership with the Soane Foundation to award an annual fellowship (the deadline each year is March 1st) for graduate architecture students (or recent graduates) as well as art, decorative arts, interior design and related fields.  The scholar who receives the fellowship will receive $5,000 to travel to London in order to conduct research related to the work of Sir John Soane or collections of the Sir John Soane’s Museum.  At the end of the research project, the outcome of the research is to be shared with the sponsors.

The AAF, along with the French Heritage Society, also co-sponsors the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship.   The fellowship is not designed for college students, but rather for experienced mid-career professionals from the USA and France to participate in a six-month exchange focused on historic preservation and architectural heritage.

Central Pennsylvania Architecture Scholarship

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TEFC) is based in Harrisburg, PA.  TEFC and offers more than 80 scholarships, including the Joseph L. and Vivian E. Steele Architecture Fund, which helps central Pennsylvania architecture students pay for their studies.  Contact (717) 236-5040 for more details.

Additional Sources of Architecture Scholarships

The NewSchool of Architecture and Design has several scholarships to help students pay for their studies.  These include the ACE Mentor Program, which helps architects, contractors, and engineers (ACE) come together to help high school students learn more about careers in building design and construction.  ACE scholarships offer $5,000 per academic year and can be renewed annual during a five-year undergraduate program.

The NewSchool of Architecture and Design also awards the NewSchool Presidential Scholarships.  These range from $1,000 to $12,000 per year.  Call 619-684-8800 to speak with the NewSchool Financial Aid Office for more details.

Architecture students looking for scholarships can also apply for the Udall Scholarship, if they can demonstrate a commitment to a career related to the environment in the realm of urban planning and engineering.  The Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation will award up to 80 scholarships of up to $5,000.

Another architecture scholarship is a $1,000 award that scholarship is only valid at certain schools.  Check the sponsor Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc at to see if your school is eligible and to download the scholarship application.  For further questions about the scholarship, students can contact Structural Engineering/Architecture Student Scholarship Program at Scholarship Management Services, One Scholarship Way, Saint Peter, MN 56082 or call (507) 931-1682.  The application period for this the Structural Engineering/Architecture Student Scholarship Program is from September 1 to November 1.

Architecture Student Resources

We’ve found the following resources valuable for architecture students:

The Architecture Student’s Handbook of Professional Practice

The Portfolio: An Architecture Student’s Handbook (Architectural Students Handbooks)

The Dissertation, Second Edition: An Architecture Student’s Handbook (Architectural Students Handbooks)

Herman Hertzberger Lessons for Students in Architecture

The Real Architect’s Handbook: Things I Didn’t Learn in Architecture School

Top Architecture Schools Offer Scholarships

Some of the top architecture schools in the United States for undergraduate students include: Cornell University, the University of Texas in Austin, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, California Polytechnic State University, Rice University in Houston, Rhode Island School of Design, Southern the California Institute of Architecture, Syracuse University, Iowa State University, and the Pratt Institute, in New York.

The University of Texas in Austin, for example, has a general scholarship for its School of Architecture (SOA).   The deadline is 3 February.  It is always a good idea to check with the school of your choice to learn about scholarships for architecture students.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art rewards serious aspiring architects with a full-tuition scholarship.  All undergraduate architecture students who are admitted into Cooper Union receive a full-tuition scholarship worth about $40,000 per year.

It is important to pay attention to deadlines and the application period when applying for architecture scholarships.  The best time to apply to each architecture scholarship is in the first weeks after the architecture scholarship opens, to help make your application stand out and to ensure that you meet the deadline.