College Essay Questions

Why the College Admissions Essay? Many colleges and universities ask students to write answers to essay questions as a part […]

The College Essay

The College Admissions Essay The college admissions essay is your opportunity to take charge of the information the college receives […]

Examples of College Essay Questions

College Admissions Essay Questions Have you ever wondered what kinds of essay questions colleges ask during the application process?   […]

The College Application Process

The College Application Process Applying to colleges and universities is a very important step on the stairway to success for […]

The College Admissions Office

How Does the College Admissions Office Make Decisions? Ask admission officers at different colleges how they select their students and […]

Interview Questions

Top Ten Possible College Interview Questions 1. What do you consider to be your academic strengths and weaknesses? 2. How […]

Small Colleges And Universities

Advantages of Small Colleges And Universities If you were looking to attend a small college or university, it is easy […]

Public Colleges And Universities

Public Colleges And Universities You will find 629 public four-year universities and colleges in the United States in varying size […]

Liberal Arts

Why Liberal Arts Create a Solid Educational Foundation Philip Bigler, a humanities teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science […]

College Terms

Glossary of College Terms   ACT – American College Testing Many universities and scholarship foundations accept ACT scores when deciding […]