Christian Scholarships

How to Find Christian Scholarships

Christian scholarships and grants can be found from multiple sources in 2013.  Christian college scholarships include awards issued by the colleges and universities themselves as well as those issued by private foundations and students’ local churches.

Beckman Scholarship Annual Fund

Colorado Christian University has the Beckman Scholarship Annual Fund, which is awarding nearly $8 million in scholarship funds to its students in 2012.   If you are interested in studying at Colorado Christian University in Denver, check with the financial aid office or the department you wish to study to see if you are eligible for a scholarship.

Winston-Salem Foundation and Christian Scholarships

Students in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina should look into the Winston-Salem Foundation’s scholarships.  They have several church-connected scholarships to help students pay for college.

The WMU Foundation has more than 20 scholarships and grants to help students worldwide.   In 2011 more than 70 students received WMU award worth nearly $50,000.  For further information, consult the WMU website or

Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation

The Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to help pay for the college tuition of children of Christian missionaries.  The deadline is February 15th.   The online application form has a section to be submitted by the student and another section to be submitted separately by the parents.  The scholarship is only valid to study at one of the following six colleges: Calvin, Dordt, Hope, Kuyper, Trinity Christian, and Wheaton.  For questions regarding scholarship amounts or other details, contact the Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation at 616-526-7731.

Fund for Theological Education

The Fund for Theological Education (FTE) sponsors the  “Undergraduates Exploring Ministry Fellowship Program”, which awards a $2,000 stipend to Christian students who intend to enter the ministry.  Fellows will also attend the FTE Leaders in Ministry Conference from the 19-23 June, 2012.  All candidates must be nominated by March 1st, 2012.  Nominations are by a college faculty member, administrator, chaplain, campus minister, or current pastor.  Up to 40 students will be selected. Candidates should be US or Canadian citizens or permanent residents and should be in their sophomore or junior year in college.   See for full details.

Tessie Eerligh Scharing Memorial Scholarship

The Faith and Education Scholarship Fund awards the Tessie Eerligh Scharing Memorial Scholarship which has a deadline of March 30th, 2012.   The scholarship is for active members of the Churches of Christ.  The scholarship requires an essay of 1500-2500 words on whether in-vitro fertilizations should be considered morally permissible for Christian families and has three short-answer questions.  The award will be paid in two instalments of $5,000.

University of Iowa and Christian Scholarships

The Jason Chen Faith and Learning Scholarship by the Geneva Campus Ministry, helps Christian students at the University of Iowa.  The award of $500 can be renewed each year for a total maximum of $2,000.  Deadlines are generally in early February. For further information contact 319-341-0007 or

Diamond in the Rough Ministry and Christian Women Scholarships

The Women of Diamonds In the Rough Ministry, Intl. sponsors an annual scholarship.  The scholarship is to help young Christian women pay for college.  High school seniors should apply before April 20th.  For more information, contact : (972) 288-0112.

Scholarships for West Coast Christians

The Foundation for College Christian Leaders offers academic scholarships each year to West Coast Christians with a leadership history. Candidates should have a verifiable Christian leadership, be accepted into an undergraduate program or currently studying for an undergraduate degree.  Sometimes scholarships are offered to graduate students, too.  A minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstration of financial need are also required.  The students should be in US states of California, Oregon, or Washington.  The deadline is May 23rd.

Bivins Foundation Scholarship

The Bivins Foundation Scholarship is awarded annually, offering $2,500 per semester for undergraduate students and $3,500 per semester for graduate students.  The scholarship is primarily for students who will serve as pastors after graduation.  Undergraduate students should already have finished at least two years of college.  The deadline for application is January 30th, 2012.  For further information, please speak with Linda Links, the Scholarship Program Office, at 806-379-9400 or e-mail

Liberty University

Liberty University, a Christian College in Lynchburg, VA has ‘Confirmation Deposit Scholarships’.  Students must first apply to Liberty University and submit a $250 confirmation deposit.  The scholarship is $1,000 for the first year, $1,500 for the second year, $2,500 for the third year, and $3,000 for the fourth year.

Liberty University also issues academic scholarships based on a students SAT/ACT scores and grade point average (GPA).  Scholarships range from $1,000 for at least a 2.7 GPA with an SAT score of 930 (or ACT score of 20) to $7,500 for a 3.8 GPA with an SAT score of 1570 (or ACT score of 35).

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Christian scholarships are often issued by Christian colleges and universities, but also by foundations and one’s local church.   It helps to plan in advance to find a Christian scholarship by completing FAFSA forms in plenty of time and apply to each Christian scholarship opportunity for which you are eligible, well before the deadline.