Interview Questions

Top Ten Possible College Interview Questions

1. What do you consider to be your academic strengths and weaknesses?

2. How do you spend your free time outside of work and school and/or during the summer?

3. Have you ever had a job? What types of things have you learned from your job?

4. Have you traveled abroad or within the U.S.? What are some of your observations?

5. Tell me something about yourself—your family, your interests, your plans and hopes for life after college.

6. Why do you want to go to college? What do you hope to get out of such and experience?  Why have you selected the colleges you are considering?  How does our college fit in?  What attracted you to our college?

7. How do you like your high school?  Do you feel you have received a good education there?  What changes would you make?

8. What special contribution do you feel you could make to our college?

9. You have indicated on your interview sheet that you would like to major in _____.  Why does this particular subject appeal to you?

10. How did you first hear about our college?


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More Common College Interview Questions

11. Knowing what your high school performance is to date, do you believe that it is an accurate indication of your academic ability and potential?  Why or why not?  How could you realize your potential?

12. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?  What is your idea of success and happiness?

13. What do you consider to be the most serious challenge facing American society in the next decade?  How can we meet the problems this challenge presents?

14. How do you perceive the role of the U.S. government in the world today?

15. Have you read a book or seen a movie or play recently which you either greatly liked or disliked?
What did you like or dislike about it?

16. What do you see as the purpose of an education?

17. What are some of your strengths and some of your weaker aspects? How are you trying to improve them?

18. Who is your best friend?  What are some of the qualities of that person you admire most?

19. What makes you laugh? Describe your sense of humor.  How important is it to have a sense of humor?  Do you consider it to be an important part of your personality?

20. Do you see yourself as a leader or one who is more comfortable working behind the scenes? Why?

Some Additional College Interview Questions

21. What is the most difficult part of being a young adult?  What is the most rewarding point about the age group you represent?

22. If you were making up a schedule for next year,  what would be two or three things you would like to learn or accomplish?  Assume that money, time and previous commitment are not a problem.

23. What is a skill or experience that you don’t possess now that you hope to leave college with?

24. If you could meet with anyone who has lived, who would it be?

25. What do you do for entertainment and relaxation?

26. Besides our college what other schools are you considering?

27. Based on your study of U.S. and world history, identify the person you most admire because of his/her impact on history.

28. If you were the principal or better yet, had a magic wand, and could change any one thing about your high school, what would it be and why?

29. Assume that you are already at college and your roommate is writing home. How would he/she describe you?

30. If you were an English teacher in high school, what would you put on a reading list to be drawn up
for class?

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