Entrepreneurial Scholarships

How to Find Entrepreneurial Scholarships

College students looking for entrepreneurial scholarships have a number of sources.  It is always a good idea to start your entrepreneurial scholarship search by applying for college grants and completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You can find an entrepreneur scholarship in 2013 from some of the sources below.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) awards a scholarship of $12,000 to a student who has shown the characteristics of being the future owner of a micro-business.  Each following year for three years, the student may receive an additional $4,000 annually, for a total of $24,000.    Dependents of NASE members aged 16 to 24 are also eligible for NASE scholarships.  The candidates should be in high school or college, or planning to enroll in college during the next fall semester.  The award is based on leadership, academics, recommendations, community service, and financial need.  Contact the NASE at 1-800-649-6273 for more details.  (From Alaska or Hawaii call 1-800-232-6273).

The McKelvey Foundation also has scholarships for student entrepreneurs.  Each scholarship can be up to $10,000.  For further information, contact info@mckelveyfoundation.org or 212-847-7236.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has been awarding the Young Entrepreneur Awards since 2003, to help graduating high school seniors who will be going on to study an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.  Studies at accredited colleges, vocational schools, technical institutes, and universities are allowed.  It is also a requirement that candidates currently be running their own small business.  The application process runs from early October till mid-December of each year.  There are awards of $1,000, four National Young Entrepreneur Awards of $5,000, and one Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award of $10,000.  For further details consult info@applyists.com.

The WSI Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Program has been awarding the WSI Global Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (YES!) since 2007.  The scholarship is open worldwide.   Of all the applications sent, six candidates are chosen for the final selection process.  Applicants should be between age 21 and 28 and show community involvement.  Financially disadvantages candidates or those from a visible minority may also be given extra consideration.  Download the application online at wsicorporate.com and e-mail it to yes@wsicorporate.com.

The Marriott International and the IFA Educational Foundation sponsor the Minority Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program to provide five $3,000 scholarships each year.  The scholarship is to help U.S. citizen minority college students enrolled in business, franchising, or entrepreneurial studies.   See franchise.org for applications.  Candidates will need to submit a resume of their professional and academic experience with their applications.  The deadline is June 15th.

To expand your horizons on entrepreneurial perspectives, we also recommend Frontiers in Entrepreneurship (Perspectives in Entrepreneurship)

To apply for all the entrepreneurial scholarships for which you are eligible, it helps to keep on top of the deadlines and plan in advance to gather your letters of recommendation.  Since there are many different types of entrepreneurial scholarships available, check to see whether you are eligible directly with the entrepreneurial scholarship providers.