Examples of College Essay Questions

College Admissions Essay Questions

Have you ever wondered what kinds of essay questions colleges ask during the application process?    College essay questions generally change every year and from college to college.  It’s a good idea to prepare by getting your hands on the applications of the colleges that most interest you, as soon as the applications are fresh off the presses or posted to the college’s websites.   That way you have time to prepare your essay for the college(s) of your choice.  The farther in advance you find out what questions about which you’ll be writing essays, the more time you will have to refine your essay. We’ve searched from college applications and found a broad range of questions to share with you here.

University of Vermont:

“A generous donor has given you a year-long stipend allowing you to take a year off before entering college. How will you spend your time?”

St. Michael’s College:

“You are writing a letter to your best friend from high school, 10 years after graduation. What would your letter say about your life, your accomplishments, your experience at Saint Michael’s?”

Champlain College:

“Why do you want to attend Champlain College and how do you feel your Champlain education will prepare you for your chosen career or help you achieve professional success?”

Lyndon State College:

“Please write on a topic of importance to you. Any form of written expression on any topic is acceptable. If you have written something for another purpose that you believe particularly represents the way you feel, please submit it here. We are especially interested in topics of personal significance.”

University of Massachusetts:

“The University is actively committed to enrolling a multi-culturally aware student body. How can you contribute to or benefit from this environment?”

Amherst College:

“In what ways have you grown intellectually during your years school? Who or what has contributed to that growth?”

Dartmouth College:

“You have answered many questions on this form, all asked by someone else. If you yourself were in a position to ask a provocative or revealing question of college applicants, what would that question be and why?”

New England College:

“Write about a significant action of yours and its consequences.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

“How has responsibility affected your personal growth?”