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How to Find Scholarships for Law School

To find law school scholarships and grants in 2013, start with the law school that you are interested in attending.  Law school scholarships for women are also available from sources such as the American Association of University Women Education Foundation.

American Association of University Women Educational Foundation

Women, who wish to pursue a law degree, should consider applying for the Career Development Grant.  Applications are usually available each August.  Candidates should submit their applications by December 15th.  The AAUW awards Career Development Grants to support women who already have a bachelor’s degree and who are changing careers, advancing their careers, or re-entering the work force.  The awards may be up to $12,000.  Please contact (319) 337-1716 extension 60, or e-mail for specific questions.

Women interested in earning a law degree should also learn about college grants for women.

Merit-based Scholarships for Law School Students

Most law schools offer law scholarships that are merit-based, for entering students.  Merit-based scholarships for law school students are generally based on undergraduate grades, Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores, and any particular hardships that the student may have overcome.

In addition, the community where you live may be able to provide a law school scholarship.  Local businesses and civic organizations are also a source of scholarships for law school.

The American Bar Association is a source of information for several law school scholarships as well.

Primary Sources of Law School Scholarships

  1. Most law schools issue scholarships to entering law school students.
  2. Professional law associations often have foundations to help law students pay for their studies.
  3. Several private organizations award scholarships to law school students.

Law School Scholarships from The Federal Circuit Bar Association

The Giles Sutherland Rich Memorial Scholarship awards $10,000 to a law student who demonstrates financial need and academic promise.  The focus is for law students who show an interest in laws under the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  In addition, there is the William S. Bullinger Scholarship, which awards up to $5,000 for law students, based on financial need.   For further details about these two law scholarships, contact (610) 640-5813 or e-mail   Applications should be sent between April 1 and April 15, 2012.  In addition to curriculum vitae, university transcripts, and either law school transcripts or a law school acceptance letter, applicants will need to compose an original one-page essay of up to 450 words.  The essay should be typed, and address the student’s financial need, any particular areas of the law that are of interest, and which scholarship you feel you are best qualified to receive and why.

Law School Scholarships and the Human Studies Fellowship

Scholarships awarded by the Institute for Humane Studies range from $2,000 to $15,000.  The academic work of the candidates should center on the principles, practices, and institutions that are essential in a free society.   Students who wish to advance freedom through intellectual activities such as law will be considered for the fellowship.

Why law school students should submit FAFSA forms

Law school students who wish to apply for scholarships or grants that are based on financial need, should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms in order to prove financial need.  The best time to complete the FAFSA forms is in early January before starting law school.

Grant-Issuing Law Associations

Additional associations that are available to help law school students pay for their studies include the following:

  • The American Bar Association (ABA).  Those with financial need can apply for the Legal Opportunity Scholarship. US citizens and legal resident aliens entering law school can apply.
  • The Peggy Browning Fund.
  • The National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (NAPALSA).
  • The Pound Civil Justice Institute.  For women working with health care law, the Elaine Osborne Jacobsen Award can help pay for law school.

The Law School Decision Game

Past law school students have found this book helpful as it offers advice, insights, and perspectives from hundreds of experienced lawyers.  This book lays out the prospects for law school students in terms of the financial burden of taking out student loans and the prospects of earning money as an attorney in the present job market. It covers details from what kind of law school to pick to what kind of law to practice professionally. The Law School Decision Game: A Playbook for Prospective Lawyers

Starting your search early, requesting letters of recommendation in advance, and honing in on your essay skills are the best tricks to find law school scholarships.