Military Scholarships

Where to Find Military Scholarships

Military scholarships in 2013 can help members of the military to pay for college.   Military scholarships for dependents (military children scholarships) are also available.   We also advise military personnel and their families to consider the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) to help them skip some courses by earning college credit for material they already know. The $77 fee is often waived for the U.S. military and their families. For a comprehensive guide to educational benefits for military personnel and their families, we also recommend the book titled:  MILITARY EDUCATION BENEFITS FOR COLLEGE: A Comprehensive Guide for Military Members, Veterans, and Their Dependents

Read below to find some useful information to help military personnel and their families to pay for college.

Military Scholarships for Army Personnel

Health Professionals Scholarship

The U.S. Army Health Professionals Scholarship Program offers the chance for students to have help paying for medical school in exchange for duty as an Army medic.   The F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP) can help pay for college.  Graduate degrees in the following fields qualify: medical, dental, optometry, psychology, and veterinary studies.   A monthly stipend of more than $2,000 will help the students pay their bills while studying at medical school.   The program pays for 100 percent of the tuition for a graduate-level health care degree for eligible programs in the United States (including Puerto Rico).   Candidates must qualify as commissioned officers in the United States Army Reserve.  The active duty service obligation is one year for each year that the student receives the scholarship.  See for more details.

Society of Daughters of the United States Army

Daughters and granddaughters (including step-daughters and adopted daughters) of warrant officers and commissioned officers can apply for a $1,000 scholarship to help them pay for college.   The candidate’s father or grandfather can meet one of the following conditions: (1) active duty (2) retired after at least 20 years of service (3) medically retired (4) died while on active duty (5) died after retiring from at least 20 years of service.  Three letters of recommendation and SAT or ACT scores are required along with transcripts and three essays.   To request an application, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope between November 1st and March 1st, to the Society of the Daughters of the United States Army, 7717 Rockledge Court, Springfield, VA 22152-3854, USA.

The Larry Strickland Leadership Award and Scholarship

The scholarship is a $4,000 award to help pay for college tuition.   For full details, join the Association of the United States Army (

Spouse Education Assistance Program

The Spouse Education Assistance Program is for the spouses of those serving in the U.S. Army.  It offers $350 every academic term to help Army spouses pay for college.

Military Scholarships for Air Force Personnel

General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant 

The General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant is for members of the Air Force, their spouses and children. It is a $2,000 need-based grant. There are also scholarships available from the Airmen Memorial Foundation (AMF) and the Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA). Amounts are awarded in the range of $500 to $3,000 and are for the children of active-duty or retired enlisted Air Force personnel.  The Air Force Association has a list of several scholarships for present and retired Air Force personnel and their family members. These include the Michael Wilson Scholarship of $15,000, the Pitsenbarger Awards ($400 one-time college grants), the Lt. Col Romeo and Josephine Bass Ferretti Scholarship, the Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Schoarship, Spouse Scholarships, and a Full Scholarship to Grantham University.

Military Scholarships for Marines

There are several scholarships for the children of Marines awarded by the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.  Also take a look at further ideas regarding military college grants.

Discounts for Military Personnel Going to College

In Troy, Alabama, Troy University is offering three new scholarships for military personnel (including National Guard, Reserves, as well as Active Duty).  The scholarships essentially are discounting the cost of tuition at Troy University for U.S. military personnel.  The scholarships allow the military to save up about $360 for a full-time course load.  The scholarships are valid for online as well as on-campus courses.  Once eligibility is confirmed, the scholarships will discount the tuition beyond $250.  Part-time as well as full-time students are eligible for the scholarships.

College Grants for the Children of Deceased Veterans

The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG) is for children of deceased U.S. military veterans who died in Iraq or Afghanistan while serving after September 11, 2001. The eligible college student should have been 23 years of age or less at the time when veteran parent or guardian died.

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)

The AFCEA is a non-profit association featuring the Educational Foundation that awards many scholarships, fellowships, and grants and staffs a Professional Development Center.  They help military servicemen and women and their dependents to pay for college.

College scholarships for the military are sometimes awarded by the colleges themselves.  Check with the admissions offices of the colleges you are interested in attending to see whether they offer any military scholarships, sometimes these come in the form of discounts off tuition.