Mormon Scholarships

Where to Find Mormon Scholarships

Since Mormon scholarships can be found from a few different sources,  Mormon students should also check for scholarships form their local ward and from the colleges they may wish to attend.  In 2013, thousands of Mormons can benefit from the following scholarships:

Brigham Young University Scholarships

For Mormons looking to earn an undergraduate degree, it is worth looking into Brigham Young University.  BYU, in Provo, Utah, offers many scholarships every year to new freshmen. BYU expects to award about a quarter of its new freshmen an academic scholarship.   Most BYU scholarships cover either full LDS tuition or half LDS tuition.  Students who qualify for more than one BYU scholarship will receive the one with the highest award value.  Additional scholarships are allowed from your department or other sources.   To apply for a BYU scholarship, new freshmen should complete the scholarship application via BYU’s website by February 1st (by October 1st if they intend to start their studies during the winter quarter).  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms are required to complete the application process. The FAFSA form is a standard part of the college grant and scholarship search process.

It is also a good idea to check into BYU’s department scholarships can be awarded by the following colleges: Life Science, McKay School of Education, Social Sciences, Fine Arts/Communications, Humanities, Marriott School of Management, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering & Technology, Athletics, College of Nursing, and Multicultural Student Services.  The deadlines for departmental scholarships vary by department.

Transfer students are not eligible for academic scholarships from BYU.  After completing 12 credit hours, they can apply as continuing students.   The application deadline is 1 March.

Mormon missionaries can defer their BYU scholarships to fulfil a mission calling.

LDS Business College Scholarships

The Latter-Day Saints (LDS Business College), in Salt Lake City, Utah, also offers scholarships.  Students at the LDS Business College can earn one-year certificates and associate’s degrees in areas such as accounting, medical assistance, health profession studies, interior design, paralegal studies, computer studies, and sales.  Scholarships awarded by the LDS Business College include Freshman Scholarships for incoming freshmen without previous college experience and the Returned Missionary Scholarship for return Mormon missionaries who apply to LDS Business College and start their studies within one year of their honorable release date.   The LDS Business College also awards need-based scholarships, evening college scholarships, sophomore scholarships, and a scholarship for single parents.   They also award scholarships for graduating LDS Business College students who are moving on to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Southern Virginia University

There are grant awards of $2,000 per academic year for return LDS missionaries at Southern Virginia University.  This is the largest LDS university east of the Intermountain West of the the United States.

BYU Hawaii Scholarships

The most outstanding entering freshmen students are eligible for scholarships offering 50 percent and 25 percent discounts on tuition.  Candidates are required to declare their major and demonstrate qualities of excellence in the following areas: academics, spiritual preparation, and leadership.  Candidates must also seek letters of recommendation from their priesthood leaders and seminary teacher.  Students do not need to submit a separate scholarship application, as the reviews are done along with the admissions process.  For full details see the BYU – Hawaii website or call (808) 675-3211.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Scholarships

At Idaho State University, in Pocatello, ID, there are the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Scholarships.  These scholarships are for full-time vocal music majors.  The amount of the award varies.  For further details, contact the Department of Music at 208-282-3636 or

Paula and Kirk Wilson Scholarship helps Mormon Athletes

The Paula and Kirk Wilson Scholarship is for Mormon athletes studying full-time at Western Washington University, in Bellingham, Washington.  Applicants must be full-time students who participate in an intercollegiate sport at Western Washington University and be a participating member in their local congregation of the Mormon Church (with a letter of confirmation from their local ward).  For further details, contact the Athletic Department at (360) 650-3109.

Wildermuth Award by the John Whitmer Historical Association (JWHA)

There are two funds through the JWHA to help Mormon students pay for college.  There is an emphasis on the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The first fund is the Wildermuth Promising Scholarly Paper Award Competition and the second fund is the Kelley Promising Scholars Travel Grant Award.  The idea of these two awards is to help scholars (from high school students up to graduate school students) who are seeking to establish themselves professionally.  Interested scholars should apply to the JWHA by May 1st.  Interested students should contact the JWHA (402) 292-3503 or e-mail

Plan in advance and look into college grants and other college scholarships, too.  Remember, you’ll need to be prepared with solid scholarship essays and interview skills for some scholarships.  To win Mormon scholarships and other scholarships, it is a good idea to plan ahead by preparing a resume of your achievements and sharing it with the bishop of your ward, community leaders, your school principal, your seminary teacher, and your school counselor.