Scholarships for Women

Find Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for women in 2013 can be found from many different sources.   High school students should start with their high school counselor to learn of scholarships for women awarded in their local areas and in their area of expertise and interest. Check also with the financial aid offices of any colleges that interest you. To help women find scholarships, we recommend the following two books: (1) This directory is a valuable reference that points women in the right direction to find money to help pay for college —  Directory of Financial Aids for Women 2009-2011: A List Of: Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans, Grants, Awards, And Internships Available Primarily Or … Women (Directory of Financial Aid for Women).

(2) This book has been helpful for women to find scholarships, but some of the scholarships listed are not awarded any more.  Scholarships for Women That Totally Rock!


Scholarships for Women in Mathematics, Science and Technology

Women who are interested in studying in a technology field have several scholarship opportunities.  In addition to those listed here, check with the professional organizations in your local area.  If either of your parent has a career in the math, science or technology fields, you should also check with their professional societies to find out more about scholarships and scholarships for women that they sponsor.

The Association for Women in Science Educational Foundation (AWIS) can help you pay for college.  Women in the fields of engineering, mathematics, science and technology should apply for free college money from AWIS.  After completing a bachelor’s degree in a related field, you may be interested as well in an AWIS grant to help pay for your research, graduate  school education, specialization, and professional development.

The Association for Women in Mathematics  can also help you pay for college.  They also have workshops to help women pay for their education and enter a new career in mathematics.

Applied Computer Security Associates ( has a scholarship program offering $10,000 for upper-level undergraduate studies or for graduate school, for women studying computer information security.  The deadline is February 15th.

The Center for Women & Information Technology can also help women discover scholarships in the technology field.

Philanthropic Educational Organization Awards Women’s Scholarships

P.E.O. International has scholarships for women through the International Peace Scholarship Fund.  It is for women from outside the United States and Canada to study in North America.  They also help North American women pay for college with the help of grants and low-interest student loans.

Women’s Colleges and Scholarships for Women

Several women’s colleges offer scholarships to their students. Schools such as Spelman College, Agnes Schott College, Wellesley College, and Barnard University are possibilities.

Women’s Resource Centers to Help Women Pay for College

Women’s resource centers are also available at many universities and are a likely place to find information on scholarships and grants to help women pay for college.  Take a look at the following scholarship providers for women and resource centers for more women’s scholarships.

Phi Beta Kappa Society: Sibley Fellowship

See for full details regarding a $20,000 stipend for French studies in 2012 and Greek studies in 2013 for unmarried women between the ages of 25 and 35.  Candidates do not need to be members of Phi Beta Kappa.

Scholarships for Abuse Victims

The Women’s Independent Scholarship Program –helps women who have been victims of abuse from their partners.  They issue scholarships to abused women who have been separated from their partners for at least a year, are in financial need, and have been accepted into undergraduate studies. In rare cases, they also help women pay for graduate school.