Scholarships for Returning LDS Missionaries

LDS mission scholarships

Return Latter-Day Saint missionaries have several options where it comes to college scholarships.

LDS Business College: LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship

First of all, the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City has the LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship.  Return missionaries must apply within one year of the honorable release date of their mission in order to remain eligible.  Visit the LDS Business College website for further details.


Southern Virginia University Return Mormon Missionary Scholarship

Second of all, the Southern Virgina University in Buena Vista, Virginia offers a grant of $2,000 per year to return Mormon missionaries who have been honorably released from service.  In addition, those who engage in humanitarian service are also eligible for this award.   Call 1-800-229-8420 or contact for more details.

BYU Scholarships and Deferment Policies for Return Missionaries

Third of all, Brigham Young University has a scholarship policy that is friendly toward Mormon missionaries.  Although BYU does not offer any specific scholarships to return LDS missionaries, they do have a scholarship policy that makes it easy for students to defer their scholarships while they go on a mission.

Returning LDS missionaries will automatically be considered for academic scholarships for the term of their re-enrolment at BYU.  Afterwards, they are required to to submit an online scholarship application before the designated date.

It is important to remember that a BYU scholarship is not automatically deferred when a student leaves for an LDS mission.  The proper procedure is for the Mormon missionary to submit a form known as the “Online Missionary Enrolment and Scholarship Deferment”.

The time to submit the form is between the moment that the student receives the official mission call and before departing on an LDS mission.  The online form allows Mormon missionaries to defer admission to BYU as well as any scholarships offered.  Students who fail to apply for deferment will lose the balance of their scholarships.  It is also important to note that only fall and winter scholarships can be deferred.  Spring  summer scholarships cannot be deferred.

For further details or information consult the BYU Financial Aid Office at (801) 422-4104.