Seven Benefits of the SMART Scholarship

The SMART Scholarship

how to apply for the SMART Scholarship

Learn the benefits of the SMART Scholarship

The SMART Scholarship (Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation = SMART) may be the ideal scholarship for those seeking an undergraduate degree in math, science, engineering or technology. Established by the Department of Defence, it is meant to support those already enrolled in college and seeking degrees in those fields. The aim of this program is to increase the population of engineers and scientists within the Department of Defense. The program is aimed at those students seeking math and science scholarships that have already demonstrated their interest in applied and theoretical research. The goal of the program is to increase the number of civilian engineers and scientists that will be working at their facilities.


Five Important Points About SMART Scholarship

1. Students applying and being accepted for a SMART scholarship may not accept the Pell Grant.
2. They may, however, accept funding from private scholarships, grants, private and federal loans.
3. There is a service commitment associated with the scholarship and the student may not accept funding from anyone that interferes with that commitment. The commitment is a paid internship program.
4. Outside funding may not interfere with security clearances that are required.
5. Outside funding does not in any way eliminate or reduce the service commitment.

Employment outside the SMART scholarship program must have prior written approval by the program office. The program will not allow more than 16 hours of employment outside the program. Most of the outside employment will be related to the course of study. Working as a research assistant or teaching assistant are the preferred types of employment. The science and math programs are monitored by the Department of Defense and all outside employment must meet with the service agreement.

The application is lengthy and is available online.

  The SMART scholarship program will require information on your background as well as your goals. Graduate students will be required to list all of their publications, goals and experiences. Any experience with volunteer work and community programs will be a help. These steps and pieces of information will be more noticeable with the graduate student. Undergraduate students will be evaluated for the SMART scholarship upon receipt of the transcripts of their math and science scholarship arrangements. There are many benefits associated with the program.


Seven Benefits of the SMART Scholarship


  • A Stipend ranging from $25K-$38K depending on the degree the student is pursuing.
  • Full educational expenses and fees. This does not include meals, parking or housing.
  • Summer internships that are paying positions
  • Health insurance limited to $1200 per year
  • Mentoring
  • Book allowance of $1000 per academic year
  • Concentration on employment after graduation with one of the sponsoring organizations.


Potential students for the program will comply with policies and procedures set by the sponsoring organizations.  Applications for the SMART Scholarship will be accepted from August through December.

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