Small Colleges And Universities

Advantages of Small Colleges And Universities

If you were looking to attend a small college or university, it is easy to find.  There are more than 1,800 of them with fewer than 2,000 students.

Small universities and colleges can help students meet their higher personal expectations.  Oftentimes, students’ community needs, social needs, and religious needs are also best suited to small colleges and universities.

The following list shows the “consumer expectations” of students attending small colleges and universities.

Personal Attention.  
In the same way small colleges wish to be identified through their unique qualities, students attending small universities expect to receive a lot of personal attention.

More Involvement from Professors.  At small colleges professors interact more with the students in all the facets of learning, from lectures, group projects, research projects, laboratory work, and internships, to final presentations, theses, and essay tests

Smaller Class Size.  At large universities, it is not uncommon to fill up a lecture hall in an auditorium, where the professor stands at a podium with a microphone and shows slides while lecturing to hundreds of students.  Students are only graded on multiple-choice exams, conduct no homework, and do not build a rapport with the professor.  In small colleges, the class sizes are small and the quality of coursework is higher so students learn more and gain more from their professors’ expertise and knowledge.

While the above-mentioned qualities are the hallmarks of small colleges, potential college students as well as their parents should behave the part of knowledgeable consumers while they make the decision of where to enroll for college.


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Potential students and their families should not feel uncomfortable to ask the kinds of questions that educated consumers typically ask prior to making an important investment decision.  That way, the student and family can make the right decision and choose the college that best fits the academic and social goals of the student.

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